Shout-out: Cletus Clay

News Shout-out: Cletus ClayHere at Dev.Mag, we absolutely love bandwagons. So it is with great joy and strange tingliness that I jump onto this one and mention IGF finalist Cletus Clay just because it’s just so gosh-darn interesting. Aaaaaand because Wolfire gave them a shout-out earlier today in exchange for the most eye-bleedingly adorable ninja bunny clay sculpture that I’ve ever seen. EVER.

Aside from secretly hoping that the devs will somehow find this news post and make an awesome clay thing for me out of gratitude for the exposure, I’m quite hungry to learn how they set about making their game, which is built 100% out of real freakin’ clay. I’m not joking. I mean, just look at it, fer cattle-rustlin’s sake. I’m not even an artist, and I’m already hungrily scouring the tutorials on their blog to figure out how a bunch of indies are using film’s old stop-motion animation techniques for a game. Haven’t seen this sort of stuff since The Neverhood.

I know I’ve probably arrived a little late to the party on this one. In fact, my eager discovery of this game was met with nothing more than an impassive stare from the editor (quite a remarkable achievement, considering that we were communicating through text). As it turns out, he previewed Cletus way back when the two of us divvied up the entrants of this year’s IGF, and I somehow missed reading up on it entirely.

Go figure. But yeah, this one’s worth keeping an eye on.