PGD Annual back on its feet

News PGD Annual back on its feetIt’s been a recent tradition for Pascal masters over at PGD to host annual competitions to motivate their members. However, things were a bit uncertain with regards to whether the competition would persist this year.

For those who were worried about its fate, you can stop holding your breath. The competition is indeed making an appearance this year, albeit with a slightly more relaxed format than in the past. It will allow developers a little over two months to design and develop a fully fledged game around a yet-to-be-revealed theme (which you can expect in a little over two weeks). And, of course, all this needs to be done in Pascal, though third-party engines and code will be allowed.

A signup system is expected to materialise here sometime around the 27th of this month. After the paperwork is filed, you’ll have about a week to submit a design doc for your game once the theme has been publicised, and then it’s off to devving!

Have a gander over at their events forum if you’re looking for more info. Oh, and by the way, sponsored prizes are rumoured to be abundant, in case you’re the kind that needs a little motivation before starting a project.