This tutorial provides some algorithms useful for working with Bézier curves: determining the length of a piece of curve; interpolating a set of points with a Bézier path; and reducing a large point set to a smooth Bézier curve.

Bézier Path Algorithms

Hello Physics World! This is a Box2DFlash tutorial, showing the basics of using the popular Box2D port in Flash.

Box2DFlash Tutorial

In this Fives article, Quinton Bronkhorst looks not at games as art, but the art in games. He is assisted by critic Todger Camembert.

Fives: Artsy Fartsy

As part of our series of interviews on puzzle game design, we asked Rob Jagnow about his approach. Jagnow is the founder of Lazy 8 Studios, and the designer behind Cogs, the steampunk-themed sliding-tile puzzle game.

How are puzzle games designed? Rob Jagnow

A Bézier curve is a type of curve that is easy to use, and can describe many shapes. This guide gives instructions for implementing algorithms for using Bézier curves in your games.

Bézier Curves for your Games: A Tutorial

In this second part of analyzing Desktop Dungeons, we look at how choices are given meaning not only through their complexity, but also through the role they play in structuring an experience.

Desktop Dungeons: Design Analysis (Part 2)

This article gives a brief tutorial to XNA, a set of game development tools from Microsoft. The tutorial covers the basics of drawing a sprite, playing sound, and handling input.

Starting Small: XNA Framework Guide