I don’t think that the roguelike genre is particularly renowned for its storytelling. This isn’t to say that roguelikes are particularly crappy at this sort of thing, it’s just that designers tend to focus on other things which players usually appreciate more — providing games which are praised for their […]

Where We Remain

I think it would be nigh unforgivable to skip out on mentioning the recent IGF awards, even if such a mention is a little later than most. After finally getting a chance to sit down and watch some juicy bits of the awesome video, I decided to post a quick […]

IGF winners announced

Our local homies at Luma Arcade (swell buncha folks) have recently been up at GDC along with everybody else in the industry, and Microsoft has just showcased one of their projects, The Harvest as part of anannouncement about XNA-based game made for … well, the new ASUS Windows Phone prototype. […]

XNA on phones, full 3D promised – really

Look! More stuff comin’ from sunny SA. Bounty Arms is a side-scrolling platformer thingum, made with the recently released Unreal Development Kit, and has been under development for quite some time. But just today, the developers have just released a playable demo. It’s quite a hefty download, be warned, and […]

Local pretties – Bounty Arms

Look, here I am again, trying to get you to spend money. Don’t you just love me? No? Well you should, because it was just Vamlumtimes Day and that’s what you’re supposed to do, I’m told. Anyway, this is all beside the point, because there are a whole bunch of […]

Valentines gifts?

So I was poking around on Twitter today (Digsby, thank you for making the Internet tidy again!) when I saw mention of an IGF student entry called Continuity. Armed with a decent Internet connection and high spirits, I decided that now was the time to spread my wings and get […]


I mentioned this a few days ago, when it was first announced, but had yet to personally give it a run through. Having now finally jumped through a few hoops to get it installed*, I’ve now given it a good look and stand by my original judgement that it appeared […]

Ribbon Hero, take 2

After excessive coffee and pizza consumption, the Global Game Jam has finally come to an end. Developers dragged themselves home after a(mostly) sleepless weekend spent (almost) successfully tripling last year’s game tally. The theme was “deception”, and it was worth 931 games, 10 of them from sunny SA. Notable among […]

Global Game Jam wraps up

For the past week or so, the Internet has been asking: “Where’s Nandrew?” Of course, by “the Internet”, I really just mean one or two of my bosses, and by “Where’s Nandrew?” I’m really referring to “Where the **** is Nandrew?” So after dropping the ball over these past few […]

Loads o’ links

The IndieGames Weblog has told me of this hot new Indie Game Challenge, a little something which will apparently afford indie developers the opportunity to get their games full-on published: or at least honoured with a $100 000 prize. Entrance ain’t free, folks — it’s $100 to secure your place […]

Indie Game Challenge